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Castón Communications is the umbrella / holding company for Joel Castón’s growing slate of businesses and socially motivated projects. As of now the company’s projects and endeavors include financial literacy publications and education, public speaking, merchandising, peer counseling / motivational programs, and prison reform.

Beyond creating portals to financial and social growth for everyone, one of the company’s chief objectives is to capture the attention of at-risk individuals before they cross the red line into the correctional system and to assist those transitioning back into society to do so successfully.

Our mantra is — Growth. Redemption. Success.



About the Founder

Caston Communications

Joel Castón 


Mr. Castón is an author, investment coach, justice consultant, political advocate, social impact investor, and motivational speaker.

Mr. Castón’s long walk to freedom spans 27 calendar years since the age of eighteen. “My perseverance and determination to overcome, grow and succeed are all inspired by my beloved hero, Nelson Mandela,” recounts Castón, as he reflects on his incarceration experience. Castón’s desire for self-improvement fueled his journey from Southeast, D.C., to a world of finance, business, and social advocacy.

However, “True freedom can never be achieved until one is financially free.” This mindset was the impetus behind the successful launch of his self-published investment series “Currency Catchers” available on Amazon.


In 2018, Castón, a founding mentor of the Young Men Emerging (YME) community at the DC Jail, garnered local and national attention as a social justice advocate and is a sought-after speaker, consultant, as well as inspirational leader on justice policy issues. He has authored and co-authored several publications.

Additionally, in 2020 Castón became the first incarcerated individual to run for and win a public office, as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC).

Whether it’s finance, justice reform, or politics Castón is a man of many talents. 

Some highlights from Mr. Castón’s speaking engagements can be viewed below.


Caston Communications
Caston Communications
Currency Catchers Investment Curriculum (CCIC) series educates individuals on the basics of investing. This curriculum has been designed to highlight the benefits of investing in the financial market versus the supply of labor for income in the labor market. Upon completion of the CCIC beginner’s series, readers will be able to identify their investment identity, cultivate their finances, and understand the function of BSOFF (bonds, stocks, options, futures, and FOREX) assets.
Please click the links below to purchase part or all of the Currency Catchers series. 
Caston Communications
Caston Communications
Caston Communications
Caston Communications


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